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How to get involved in the outdoor billboard industry with little or no capital

How to get involved in the outdoor billboard industry with little or no capital

The outdoor billboard industry offers the ability to generate a large monthly income, as well as build massive equity in a range of signs. Four of the Forbes 400 made the list from earnings in the billboard industry — including one billionaire: John Kluge. Even Ted Turner made his first fortune in the outdoor billboard industry. But how can an average person get into the billboard industry with little or no capital? Fortunately, there are several ways.

Flipping billboard leases

The true “zero ground” way to get into the industry is to acquire land leases and permits to build billboards, and then sell them to other billboard companies. This has been standard industry practice for decades. A decent billboard lease and license will bring in $15,000 to $30,000, with a lesser site worth around $5,000 and a great site bringing in $100,000 or more.

There are only about $100 worth of tools needed to flip billboard leases. The big investment is your time in learning how to do this. There are online courses available that can show you the techniques and strategies needed to select and negotiate billboard leases.

Buy abandoned billboard structures

Many old wooden billboards are located abandoned along highways and major roads, mostly in areas outside of major cities. These signs were often built for a specific restaurant or other chains that are no longer in existence, like many of Stuckey’s franchises. Although these signs are no longer used, the permits are still in full force and effect. Often, you can enter into a new ground lease with your landlord, and purchase the abandoned structure from its previous owner. In most cases, the tag only needs a few critical repairs to get it back in service. You can often buy these sign structures for $1,000 or so, and the returns are phenomenal.

Building new wooden billboard structures

There are opportunities in many markets to build old-fashioned wooden billboards on highways and major roads. These signs are inexpensive to build — $4,000 to $8,000 total cost — and rent about $2,000 per year per side. After expenses, his net worth is about $3,000 per year. This is a level of return of about 50% per annum or more. While this may not seem important right away, if you have twenty or thirty marks, and you earn $60,000 to $90,000 a year, then it sure is. Keep in mind that this type of banner is rented annually, so you only have to participate in the banner process once a year.


There are many different options to go into the outdoor billboard business with little or no capital. The industry is not just expensive unipolar steel structures. There are strategies of attack to suit every budget, and the opportunities are limitless. Shouldn’t you be checking your options?

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