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Carl Sagan and Fritjof Capra on “Dance Reveals the Secrets of the Universe” – Part 1

Carl Sagan and Fritjof Capra on "Dance Reveals the Secrets of the Universe" - Part 1

In order to comprehend the secrets of the universe, one must turn to Nataraja,
The King of Dance says Carl Sagan, a world-famous astronomer.
He was chair of the astronomy department at Cornell University.
The popular 13-hour television series, Cosmos: a Personal Voyage, was watched by an estimated ten million viewers in January 1982.
He said that “Hindu cosmology may contain an answer to the conflicting views of modern astronomers that the universe may be expanding or contracting”.
“If the universe is expanding according to the ‘Big Bang’ model of Fred Hoyle and Abel Le Maitre, what happens to stars that expand, explode and die?
As another school of astronomy says, the universe is shrinking and stars and galaxies are being pulled to the center of creation, where do they all go? ”
To find out the answer to this question, he traveled to India.
He found the answer in Nataraja, the Hindu deity worshiped by millions of Hindus.
“The answer lies in Hindu cosmology,” he said, pointing to the statue of Nataraja, the dancing form of Shiva.
Pointing to the conch in Shiva’s possession, Carl Sagan said: “
“This symbolizes the creation of the universe, stars, galaxies and man.”
Pointing to the fire on the other hand, he added: This symbolizes the destruction of what was created.
He was amazed to know the wonderful side of Hindu cosmology.
Why did he choose India for Cosmos: A Personal Journey? Explain it very clearly:

“The main reason we have directed this episode of COSMOS towards India is because of that wonderful aspect of Hindu cosmology which gives first and foremost a time scale for the Earth and the universe – a time scale consistent with modern scientific cosmology. We know that the Earth is about 4.6 billion years old, and that the Universe, or at least its current Hindu scale, has about 10 or 20 billion nights in the Prague night tradition. 8.4 billion years.”

As far as I know, it’s the only ancient religious tradition on earth that speaks of a proper time scale. We want to go beyond the concept of correct time scale, and show that it’s not abnormal. In the West, people feel that it is normal for the universe to be a few thousand years old, to inhabit billions, and no one can understand that. The Hindu concept is very clear. This is a great world culture that has always talked about billions of years.
Finally, the time scale of Hindu cosmology of several billion years is not the complete history of the universe, but only the day and night of Brahma, and there is the idea of ​​\u200b\u200ban infinite cycle of births and deaths and an infinite number of universes, each with its own gods. This is a very cool idea.”

Not only Carl Sagan, world famous Fritjof Capra also admires Nataraja.
In the following article we will see his analysis on Shiva Nataraja.

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