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The pros and cons of using electric saws

The pros and cons of using electric saws

Electric saws arrived much later than the gasoline-powered models, which had been in use in logging since the 1920s. Chainsaws powered by electric motors have quickly gained popularity among chainsaw users due to their many advantages. Unlike the petrol-powered models, the electric versions have emerged as smaller, lighter and more easily managed devices that can be used by ordinary people to manage their home gardens. In addition, it is easier and cheaper to maintain than competing gasoline engines.

Electric chainsaws also offer the great advantage of being environmentally friendly, i.e. free of any toxic emissions. However, the electric type also has some disadvantages or limitations compared to a gasoline chainsaw.

Advantages of electric saws

Using these chainsaws offers a number of advantages over using a gasoline powered chainsaw. The main advantage of working with electric fuel versus petrol is the reduced risk of kickback—a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when the saw shaft jerk toward the user after the end of the rod hits an obstruction.

The electric type is powered by less power than a gasoline saw, so it has less chance of kickbacks. Secondly, using them avoids the problem of waiting for the engine to cool down (as with a gasoline chainsaw) in order to refuel. All that the user needs to do with electricity is to connect it to the mains. These chainsaws are also easy to start and are less noisy than gasoline chainsaws. This last quality makes them ideal for use in quiet neighborhoods. Finally, it can be stored more easily than a gasoline-powered chainsaw, which needs to drain the gas and oil before storing it upright.

Disadvantages of electric saws

Working with electricity also has some drawbacks or limitations. The main limitation on their use is strength. Compared to the more powerful gasoline chainsaws with their two-cycle engines, they are significantly less powerful. Thus, they are not very useful for cutting heavy loads and are equipped with much smaller cutting bar such as 8 to 15 inch. Another limitation on the usability of the electric version is the power cord that connects it to the electrical power supply. The length of the cord determines the mobility of the chainsaw operator and it is not feasible for him or her to use it away from the power source or outside the home. Finally, these saws are specifically designed for maximum safety, making it difficult for the user to adjust or lubricate the saw parts.

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