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What are the services provided by the general contractor?

What are the services provided by the general contractor?

Are you about to hire a construction services provider?

But you are not sure about the offers they offer to make your home or office more comfortable and luxurious. If so, then you need to take a look at all the major services that are usually offered by a reputed commercial construction company. We have mentioned them all here just for your own good.

basic services

Let’s start by looking at the basic services these organizations provide. They include but are not limited to:

Design creation: In this service, every aspect of the pre-construction design phase is taken care of. Apart from creating great designs, tasks such as permitting, ensuring competitive prices and building deliveries are also handled.

Construction management: As part of this service, the building services provider will take care of everything from reviewing plans developed by other companies to budget preparation and from value engineering to ensuring competitive prices. Construction delivery is also guaranteed.

General Contracting: In this service, the company will provide you with the total prices it charges for delivery of a specific project in the set of plans that would have been set by anyone else.

Maintenance and repairs: Here, as a customer you get the option to choose from call pricing or total pricing schedules. The time and materials can also be chosen by you and the company will follow your instructions.

Other vital services

Apart from the above services, good building contractors also provide some vital services which are listed here:

• Drywall or Framing: The building’s walls, ceilings and skirting are framed using appropriate materials and skills.

• Plumbing: Companies in the commercial construction industry often have the ability to undertake plumbing and plumbing jobs of any type and scope.

• Electrical Services: Whether it is a simple electrical failure or the installation of a new electrical system in a new building, everything is done flawlessly according to your expectations.

• HVAC: Everything from installing new HVAC to refurbishing an old system is done by experts so you’ll never feel suffocated again.

• Concrete for Creativity: Concrete is used to create small or large concrete slabs or equipment platforms. It all depends on what you expect from your chosen contractor.

• Cleanrooms: Office constructions or medical room additions can be done in a clean and safe manner by a skilled contractor to avoid interruption to your vital business operations.

• Modular Offices and Structures: You can make your office an efficient and productive space by hiring a general contractor with extensive experience in this field. After all, effective design attracts better employees and customers, don’t you think?

• Paints: From commercial to industrial and interior to exterior paints, everything is rendered by an expert contractor so your space will look premium both outside and inside.

• Carpentry: Want to add a little woodwork art to your home or office? Your contractor can provide them at reasonable costs. You must try it once.

• Permit Processing: A contractor with suitable contacts can also assist you in obtaining all required permits in a time bound manner without charging a high fee for it. It is a service worth exploring if you want to have a hassle-free building or remodeling experience.

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