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Wolves: Misunderstood Pets or Dangerous Predators?

Wolves: Misunderstood Pets or Dangerous Predators?

A dog attack attorney can answer your questions about dog bite attacks and dog bite laws, and educate you about breeds that may not be covered for accidents. BSL, or breed specific legislation is in place in the United States and some other countries. California has some of the strictest animal regulation laws in the United States. It is illegal to own a wolf, but a hybrid of the second generation or higher can be owned.

If your dog is a small 1% wolf crossbreed, you should treat him as an exotic animal, which comes with different restrictions based on the region that harbors your wolf. You are required to purchase a permit from the Department of Fish and Game if you own an animal that is 50% wolf.

The Department of Fish and Game issues permits “only to qualified individuals or organizations for limited purposes such as research, public exhibition, or shelter. No permits are issued for the importation or possession of any wild animal for pet purposes.”

What about a wild wolf, who lives in his own habitat who engages in a wolf attack?

If a wolf hybrid of the appropriate breed level is your choice of pet, it is your responsibility as the owner to follow the laws and regulations in your area. Only reputable breeders should be considered when selecting your pet. Your pet’s vaccinations must be current. Canine rabies vaccines may not be effective if given to a wolf cross. Most importantly, if someone bites you, the incident will be treated as a wild animal attack, not as an attack on a domestic animal.

Being attacked by a strange animal such as a wolf may entitle you to compensation. Dog attack attorneys can answer these issues using local dog bite laws and wolf attack laws. 38 fatal attacks occurred in the United States last year; More than twice that amount was non-fatal. Misunderstood pets or dangerous predators? The owner is responsible for the behavior of any animal. Dog bite attacks are taken very seriously by both local municipal and state laws.

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