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Türkiye fryers – electric or propane?

Türkiye fryers - electric or propane?

With the upcoming holiday near, many people have been thinking of frying a turkey for the first time. There are many different types of turkey fryers to choose from. Outdoor propane deep fryers or indoor electric fryers. The differences between an outdoor deep fryer and an electric fryer vary widely. We’ll start with the electric turkey fryer.

First and foremost, electric fryers are made for the inside. You can take the electric fryer outside to use it one day at a time. But you have to bring it back inside once everything has cooled down, and put it away. It should never be left out in your yard like a backyard grill. The morning dew alone is enough to ruin the inner workings of an electric deep fryer.

You can take an electric fryer camping if you have electricity, but you can forget about using a deep fryer unless you have a generator.

The electric turkey fryer can also be a large deep fryer. My first fryer was an electric turkey fryer. Not only does it fry baby turkeys as well as fry anything you want, but you can also steam and boil it. I’ve been known to make Low Country Boil in my house in the middle of winter.

Not all so-called electric turkey fryers are, in fact, deep fryers. These units operate with high radiant heat. It’s technically roasting, not deep frying. There is really no oil. Less messy to clean up. You can roast other meats in these units, but you can’t fry a bunch of French fries in one of them.

Most electric turkey fryers have a safety shut-off feature if the oil gets too hot. They all often have a thermometer or thermometer as well. This is a great feature because most of these units will tell you that your oil is up to temperature by a light on the gauge or unit. This is also fine if you’re frying things other than turkey. If you’re frying multiple batches of things, like buffalo wings or onion rings, you should let the oil return to temperature between batches.

Now, speaking of oil temperatures, electric fryers take longer to heat up the oil than an outdoor propane deep fryer. It also takes longer between batches to get back up to temperature. You want crunchy fried food, not greasy food slathered in oil. So pay attention to the oil temperatures. Do not rush to put food before the time is up.

Finally, you don’t have to worry about the kids and the dog needing another place to play. Odds are they’re not playing on the counter or in the kitchen, so the odds of your inner electric turkey fryer getting overpowered by a game of football or soccer are nil.

Now we’ve discussed electric turkey fryers. Let’s move on to the outdoor propane turkey fryers.

There is the LPG issue. You must have a propane tank to cook with, but this offers portability and versatility. You can go anywhere! The beach, camping, tailgating, or even just a different spot in your backyard. And speaking of versatility, the traditional turkey fryer consists of a stock pot and an outdoor propane burner. Not only can you deep fry them, but you can stew, boil and steam them. You can make chili for cold-weather camp or eat New England clam bake in the backyard. Always make sure you have an extra LP tank nearby, just in case.

Have you ever had fried food in your home? The fact that your place is outdoors is great, because now your whole house won’t smell like you deep fried turkey after two or three days.

Even though you are outdoors, there are still safety features to keep in mind. You always want it to be on firm, solid ground, not near any buildings or materials that could catch fire. The kids and the dog will now have to find a different play spot than where you were set up. If it rains, you can’t take your outdoor turkey fryer indoors. Don’t take it out on the porch or in the garage, because this could end up on a really bad day!!!

Frying oil will heat up faster with a propane fryer than with an electric fryer. Even after you put a whole turkey in the oil, it takes a lot less time to get back to temperature, than if you used electric. Most traditional outdoor fryers do not have a built-in temperature gauge. You need a deep fryer thermometer and you need to monitor your temperatures. There will be a little bit of light telling you the oil is ready. There is no locked security either. Again, you need to monitor your temperatures and turn the regulator valve down if necessary.

Traditional turkey fryers always run the risk of flooding or catching fire. This can happen if the bird is placed too quickly in the pan, if it is wet or not thawed properly. One way to avoid the risk of an overflow and flare-up is to get a safer fryer. These units usually have a burner on the back side and free standing fire tubes. Any transgression that may occur will occur at the front of the unit. It should never come into contact with hot oil or flames. All the same safety precautions should still be taken. Like having an all-purpose fire extinguisher on hand at all times and protective gloves.

Electric or propane, indoors or out, you should never use water on a hot oil fire.

Never leave the fryer unattended, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Whether you choose an indoor electric fryer or an outdoor propane deep fryer, weigh your options, research and make an informed decision. Which fryer is the best? This decision can only be made by you.

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